It’s Showtime! A U.S.
Manufacturing Resurgence is Here!

March 2018

It’s Showtime!

A US Manufacturing Resurgence is Here!

We have much to celebrate and the future looks bright for U.S. Manufacturing. The U.S. economy grew at a rate of about three percent in the last three quarters, a robust rate not seen in years. Since Election Day, the Dow Jones industrial average has increased more than 40 percent, creating a near $7 trillion jump in wealth–despite the Dow’s drop in early February. Unemployment rates are lowering drastically with January jobless claims coming in lower than expected. Black and Hispanic unemployment rates have not been this low in over 40 years. We have seen a historic streamlined tax bill and jobs act bill passed—resulting in tax reductions to over 82 percent of the population—creating rising incomes and spending that will further fuel what appears to be a roaring expansionary manufacturing resurgence. []


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Manufacturing Resurgence

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