Power Quality
& Energy Management

September 2018

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Denison Hosted ISA Section Meeting –
Power Quality & Energy Management

Increasing Reliability with Assessments and Monitoring

Poor power quality can result in equipment damage, production scrap loss, and even costlier downtime. A Single interruption power outage interruption in the process can result in substantial costs, ranging from ten thousand to millions USD per occurrence. Costs to certain industries such as data centers, banks, customer service centers and the like can be even higher. In fact momentary voltage sags lasting less than 100ms impacting these facilities can have just as great of a cost impact as a total outage lasting minutes.

Electrical downtime in a plant can cause electrical device and mechanical failures, loss of production time, increased production scrap, increased unscheduled maintenance costs, to name a few. The cost of power quality disturbance can be typically seen and calculated in: product-related costs including lost capacity, disposal charges, and increased inventory; labor costs including idle labor, overtime and cleanup; other costs such as damaged equipment, opportunity costs and penalties to name a few. These costs vary widely depending on severity of the disturbance, industry, product produced, scarcity, labor costs, and other basic economic drivers.

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ISA Section Meeting

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