Denison Featured in Smart
Industry’s Technology Report

October 2018


Denison Featured in
Smart Industry’s latest Technology Report

Peer into the Future: Our Digital Transformation Crystal Ball” – July, 2018

The crystal ball is a fitting symbol for digital transformation, since at the core of data analytics and predictive maintenance is being able to see into the future. We may not be looking into this modern crystal ball with the traditional questions about romance or children or adventure, but we are trying to determine how to get rich. With that in mind, we solicited predictions from some of the brightest minds on some of the hottest topics. Join us as we peer into the future []

Smart Industry

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Denison Consulting Group offers unique solutions and is committed to delivering the “connected enterprise.”
This starts with a proven, repeatable engineering and design process, followed by specific recommendations and reporting focused on reducing costs, improving efficiency or identifying operational breakages before they occur. We adhere to a repeatable, proven process – with potential significant benefits to our customers. Our team of experienced engineering and business professionals has proven track records working for and with some of the world’s largest technology companies.

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