Director, Sales and Marketing


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The Director of Sales and Marketing will work with the Denison leadership team, and ultimately be responsible as part of that team to develop and execute the overall sales and marketing strategy for the company.

The right candidate understands Denison is a dynamic company, operating within the fast-paced technology field; as such understands our team must be flexible and adaptive to meet the ongoing needs and challenges presented.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the selection, hiring and firing of the sales team, with final approval of the leadership team. He / she will work closely with the leadership team to define and document a more formalized our sales / marketing policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting to the leadership team on status with respect to our sales and marketing initiatives.
  • Responsible to work with the sales team to develop and execute annual sales plans in keeping with meeting and exceeding corporate sales goals. These plans will be determined by the leadership team with close input and coordination, and once agreed, He/ she will be responsible to execute the sales plan.
  • Responsible for the day-to-day management of the inside sales team as well as coordination with the outside sales, and sales engineering team who will be managed by the engineering teams directly. As such, a close coordination must exist between the sales and engineering teams to develop and delivery opportunities, and respond to opportunities presented.
  • Coordinate with the leadership team to deliver ongoing training to the sales and marketing teams. Training will ensure that our teams are adequately trained to support the ongoing positioning of technical solutions, in keeping with our company’s strategy to deliver next generation solutions.
  • Responsible for the management, documentation and delivery of proposals – working closely with the leadership and sales and sales engineering team, as approved by the leadership team. He/ she will also work closely with the leadership team to develop and implement a more formalized contacts and proposals process for the company.
  • Participate with outside organizations such as WBENC and other industry groups as appropriate (EEI, NAM, etc.), when asked to do so, working closely with the leadership team to best represent the company’s strategic interests in these organizations, as well as develop sales and marketing opportunities within these organizations to advance Denison’s marketing and sales initiatives.
  • Responsible to work closely with leadership in the planning, attendance, and support of ongoing events.
  • Responsible for the collection and storage of key customer information, using such systems in place as our CRM (Salesforce) platform, storage and back-up of our core documents in Drop Box or other storage mediums used by the company.
  • Manage our social media accounts on a weekly basis, delivering messaging in keeping with our company’s stated strategy, direction, and values. He / she will be responsible for the development and delivery of a monthly corporate newsletter, working closely with the leadership team on scheduling, content and messaging, and coordinating all marketing initiatives as appropriate with our web site administrator to ensure that content and messaging is current, and in sync across marketing platforms.
  • Responsible for working with outside consultants in the area of sales and marketing or outside staffing / recruitment firms, if and as requested, working closely with the leadership team as appropriate.


  • 5-10 years of work experience in the selection and management of a sales and marketing organization
  • Proven track record of sales success, as measured by negotiated deals and revenue generated against stated plan
  • Proven ability to work well with others, collaborative and proactive approach in working with a dynamic, matrix team of professionals and outside consultants
  • Proven track record in the development and delivery of sales and marketing policies and procedures, and understanding of core HR policies and practices to ensure that Denison remains in compliance with legal and ethical hiring, management and termination rules
  • Proven track record in the development and delivery of successful sales and marketing plans, strategies and programs
  • Proven track record in the development and delivery of core management reports utilized by the leadership team necessary for corporate growth
  • Understanding of Office software products and tools, CRM platforms such as Salesforce, email platforms (Mailchimp, etc), storage mediums (DropBox, etc.), social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) and other platforms used by Denison and its customers. The ideal candidate will be willing to learn other platforms as our needs and wants might change
  • Willingness to consistently learn core and emerging technologies, attend training as appropriate


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