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Denison Consulting Group’s core management team has decades of experience in the technology industry:

Denison Consulting and Technologies Team consists of innovators, collaborators, and problem solvers with a passion to deliver solutions. Bringing forth simplicity from complexity. Our innovative team works every day to collaborate with customers, OEM partners, industry, and university researchers.

Denison’s Team:

  • Dianne Denison

    Dianne has been a member of Executive Management teams for various technology companies and led complex teams around the world. She has negotiated contracts with global companies, universities and government for software, systems and components worth billions of dollars. Dianne built the Denison process to leverage the knowledge of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) to help global customers become more cost effective and competitive in their space.

  • Blanca Robinson

    Blanca brings a wide array of management and administrative and experience to the Denison team. She spent the past twenty years in Executive Management, preceded by numerous analytical /financial positions in the oil and gas industry as a Senior Staff Analyst the twenty years prior. She has worked with business leaders and executives to achieve clarity about their organizational strategy and direction to improve results in ways that are sustainable over time.

  • Bill Blair

    Bill Blair has more than 20 years of experience in product and project management in the construction and operation of data centers, wireless networks and Internet communications at AT&T, Global Crossing, UUNET/MCI, TeliaSonera, Sprint/Nextel and CenturyLink. His expertise includes wireless 4G, undersea cables, internet networks, secure data networks and complex systems development and deployment. He studied engineering and chemistry at Princeton University and George Mason University, earning a Bachelor of Science.

    Bill has broad experience, serving as Program Manager for Sprint/Nextel, CenturyLink and AT&T where he led the business development and technology strategy for the Product Management and Network Deployment teams. Bill developed and tested Sprint’s 4G network transport facilities, cell phones and mobile applications. At AT&T, Bill managed FTS2000, undersea cable construction, developing UUNet as the fastest growing account in AT&T history and deployment of VoIP for Federal Courts. At CenturyLink, he managed the migration to Data Centers of Fortune 50 clients. Bill works with clients and suppliers to develop cost effective solutions for communications systems onshore and offshore.

  • AJ Robinson

    With over 25 years of experience, AJ brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the team. AJ’s experience in operations, controls, and systems has supported the design and build of programs and projects in control and automation systems for Fortune 1000 customers. Over several decades, AJ has worked in plant environments of every type, and is often considered as an extension of the maintenance staff due to his intimate knowledge of the customer’s operations. AJ works closely with plant managers, project and program managers, operations and maintenance staffs and coordinates closely with our technology team supporting IIoT applications.

  • Nora Brechtel

    Nora Brechtel

    Nora is an ambitious individual with excellent communication skills who brings a vast experience as a Client Relations Manager. She builds and cultivates quality relationships with clients by addressing their needs and providing superior service to ensure satisfaction. She is responsible for providing support to the Denison team in all areas of marketing and communications to clients and prospects.

  • Dan Hoffmann

    Dan works in support of our marketing initiatives, with a particular focus on branding, social media, events, and advertising. Dan is also responsible for the management of administration functions with the firm.

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